Saturday, April 9, 2011

We've spoken about the 61 percent of rejections that come from areas completely within your control.

What about those that...aren't?

Take writing, for example. You cannot sit down (even for Malcolm Gladwell's prescribed 10,000 hours) and guarantee yourself a bestseller.

But you can improve your odds significantly.

10 percent of queries, after the first 61 percent, are rejected solely because of writing.

What do you do if your writing "isn't there yet"?

Much as writers hate to hear it...write more.

I've seen writers go from ho-hum to amazing. How, you ask?

By writing another book. The skills you learn in writing book one make you far more capable in writing books two, three, four...and on from there.


  1. So true. Several of the published authors I follow finally made it after book 3 or 4. That means I only need to write 3.5 more books and I'll be good to go!

  2. Besides, really, that's the best part - the writing. Everything else is icing on an already iced cake (except the rejections, of course!)

  3. It's true -- but writers don't usually believe it until it happens!